USA Soccer DOMINATES Jamaica in Friendly, Highlights and Analysis | CBS Sports HQ

Jimmy Conrad, Ian Joy, Aly Wagner, and Heath Pearce break down the impressive win for USMNT over Jamaica.

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47 opiniones en “USA Soccer DOMINATES Jamaica in Friendly, Highlights and Analysis | CBS Sports HQ”

  1. I think USMNT is a really good squad. They have talent but c'mon, talking about winning the World Cup is too much. One match at a time, they haven't faced any elite team yet

  2. Wow we beat Jamaica and now we think we are going to win the world cup. We are not the only ones with exciting young players. Portugal England France Germany are all loaded with incredible talent. Stay humble

  3. We are complete underdogs let's keep it that way and not even jokingly create an annoying narrative that we think were hot sht before weve done anything

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  5. Yankees dont know ball haha. Gotta feel bad for them, a few young average players and suddenly they think they will win the world cup? Football is about heritage unfortunately yankee land has none.

  6. RANT COMING: this was a USA A/B team vs a Jamaica B/C team… USA struggled in the first half, we didn’t dominate anything. The individual talent is known however Reyna n Pulisic mental toughness is questionable at best, which leads them to horrible decisions when flustered. Our “top” players seem to play with a philosophy of how do I score and not how do WE score… chemistry and mindset change needs to happen to bring these guys together.

  7. Heath and Jimmy get it..Aly doesn't quite understand the game at the highest level. Lletget is serviceable vs mediocre squads. Dest was in his ear early for not moving the ball fast enough. Want to see Cappis or De La Torre and Aaronson replace Lletget and Acosta in the stating XI vs Northern Ireland. Want to see Dest on the right and Robinson on the Left

  8. That’s ridiculous. We almost gave up a lead to a Jamaican squad with what was it 7 or 8 starters out but you describe that as “dominating”? If we hadn’t taken all our best players off the field I’d feel a lot worse about what I saw through the majority of the second half. Good job on the young guys playing tough and finding an answer through Lletget when they were challenged, but it wasn’t “dominant.”

  9. Jamaicans yard and abroad, USA defeated Jamaica's C squad and boasting about beating Jamaica????? yes you heard me correctly, the squad that was scheduled to play was NOT paid their agreed match fees and other allowances, so they cancelled the original team. The JFF and their boss Mr. Ricketts picked up some English based players and a hand full of local players, hence the 4-1 beating…REGGEA BOYZ are different from the Jamaica's men team????

  10. Excellent game from our guys, despite missing a few amazing players!!

    Sargent and Dest played extremely well…

    I slightly disagree with the analysis on Sebastian Lletget, despite finishing well to score twice, he was not that good on many levels…

  11. It wasn't a fluid performance, but they have a lot of impressive individual talent. Acosta gave the ball away too easily, and I thought that Lletget was pretty sloppy as well apart from the two goals late, but Sargent, Dest, and Aaronson were all excellent, and Reyna and Pulisic, though they weren't incisive in the box, showed flashes of their remarkable talent.

    Ultimately we need our best players playing, and we need to put them in their best positions. Once we do their talent will shine, and they'll combine well also. Players like Long and Acosta just don't have the vision to compete at the highest level.

    Of course McKennie and Adams will solve a lot of problems in midfield, but Owen Otasowie or Yunus Musah would have been preferable to Acosta as well. Even better is to play Reyna in midfield and put someone else such as Weah wide right, or even play a 3-5-2 with Dest as the wingback overlapping on the right. Chris Richards needs to play over Long as well. Period.

  12. We're starting to see the beginnings of something here. Cool. So stoked for that. Heady predictions? Pump the brakes son. Lots and lots of very hard work, development before that. Even then- actions not words.

  13. That’s a BOLD prediction to say the least. As a fan of the USMNT I am sincerely hoping that we can compete with teams like Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, Portugal and the list goes on. The team looks great right now but there is a lot to prove still

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