¿Puede Gregg Berhalter permanecer como entrenador de USMNT ahora? | FC ESPN

Sebastian Salazar se une a Dan Thomas y Ale Moreno y ESPN FC para hablar sobre la situación de Danielle Reyna, la madre de Gio, y admite haberle contado a US Soccer sobre un incidente de violencia doméstica en el pasado relacionado con Gregg Berhalter. También discuten si Berhalter puede seguir siendo el entrenador de USMNT. ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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23 opiniones en “¿Puede Gregg Berhalter permanecer como entrenador de USMNT ahora? | FC ESPN”

  1. US team played well in the World Cup. They worked hard for each other and the 4-3-3 system seemed to work well for them. They did lose in round of 16 to Holland but Dutch are top 10 Euro team that pushed eventual tournament winner Argentina to extra time and penalties. To me the US coach seemed a solid pro, and perhaps Reyna just didn't fit in his system.

  2. Seb actually said something very crucial here. This was all going on behind the scenes. HE was the one to go public. He was also the one who made the drama with Gio public. If his technique for dealing with internal drama is to play it out in the court of public opinion, he absolutely should not continue.

  3. This is hilarious and a little sad. I'm not a soccer fan, but I'm here watching this video. The studio analyst gets it, this some weak shizz from Reyna.

  4. The American pay-to-play youth system is the reason why the United States will never win the men's World Cup so long as it is in existence.

    Also, there is no such thing as American soccer "royalty". The men's USMNT hasn't achieved nearly enough for that animal to exist.

  5. From having the chance to play with Messi in Argentina, to be a bench warmer in the U.S and having all this dramas around him, not saying he would of been selected, but he could be world champion right now, probably Gio Reyna's biggest mistake was choosing to play for the U.S and probably his parents influenced his choice

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