El drama de US Soccer se ve horrible para la familia Reyna I DA en CBS

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11 opiniones en “El drama de US Soccer se ve horrible para la familia Reyna I DA en CBS”

  1. No one mentions that is was extremely poor coaching that started all the trouble between Berhalter and Reyna. As American soccer fans, we all need to be pissed at Berhalter for benching a player of Reyna’s caliber and bringing in poor players as subs ahead of Reyna. The Reyna family is justified in being furious with Berhalter as American soccer fans and as Gio's parents. I feel their frustration. Berhalter has never convinced anyone why he decided well ahead of time Gio Reyna was going to have a limited role. I wonder if it was personal. Berhalter has proven to everyone that he has poor player management skills, and should not be in charge of USMNT.

  2. No one's arguing that what the parents of Gio did was straight out wrong.
    I just don't think you were fair in explaining the background of the story.
    2 points that are important to the story being 1) that Gio was told BEFORE the world Cup even started by Berhalter- that he would have a limited role. (Anyone that follows soccer/European football knows that this is ludicrous at the least.) And 2) Berhalter tells about his wonderful skill at coaching at a leadership conference while at the same time, he betrays the trust he had built up by telling about Gio's situation at the world cup.

  3. I don't know if we don't know if we don't like to hear others how to tell us how to play soccer, but we sure want to play like other international times. We are making progress, but we are not at the elite level. In fact, we ARE trying to play LIKE other fine international teams. Besides that, this whole thing is ugly.

  4. How bad this looks for the Reyna's and for Gio is up for debate. What is not debatable is that Berhalter proved to be a third rate coach. The US is talented and deserves much better. If not a first rate, perhaps a top second tier. Berhalter is marginal even for MLS.

  5. People we are #1 in the world 🌎 in just about anything 👈 that’s why most of the world Europeans etc hate us now the only thing they have is fútbol ⚽️ therefore do you all believe they want the US to win 🥇👈🤔. Please

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